Virtual Conference Commonly Asked Questions

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How does a virtual conference differ from a traditional, in-person conference?
The primary difference between a virtual conference and a traditional in-person conference is that for a virtual conference people participate using a computer instead of traveling to the conference location. The conference will still have a schedule of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, but instead of moving from room to room at a hotel or conference center participants will move from one virtual room to another to attend each session. In addition to the speakers and presentations there will also be a virtual exhibit hall that participants will be able to view when not attending sessions.
What if I cannot attend all the live events? Will I be able to view the presentation(s) at another time?
All sessions will be recorded and available as a download following the live event. All handouts and other presentation materials will be available for download during the live session and as part of the recording.
Once I am registered, what do I need to have in order to participate in the virtual conference?
A reliable computer with audio and internet connection are all a registered participant needs to participate. Helpful guidance will also be provided to registered participants on how to set up your workspace to minimize distractions and have the best physical environment for participation. Once registered, these materials will be available to you through the conference site.
If I experience problems during the conference, how do I get help?
Registered attendees will have an opportunity prior to the conference to test their equipment and connectivity to make sure it can support the conference. For technical problems related to the online conference site and tool there will be a toll free help number available for participants during the conference. If you have technical problems with network connectivity or your computer equipment you will use your local IT support team.
If I am a speaker, how is presenting for virtual conference sessions different than being on stage?
Speakers will be doing their presentations and panel discussions in a professional video studio instead of being on stage in front of a crowd. There will still be microphones, lighting, and large displays, but instead of an in-person audience presentations will be made through the video cameras. Because this format will be new to most speakers, we will work with each individual to get their content in a format that works in the virtual setting as well as doing practice sessions with each speaker so they can get accustomed to the studio environment and presenting through a camera instead of directly to the audience.
This sounds great and I am excited to participate; how do I register?
Registration is expected to open in early July.

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This page was last updated on: February 15, 2017.