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Embrace Mindfulness: These 5 Tips Can Help You Get Started

A Military and Family Life counselor leads Craven County High School students through a meditation exercise aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. (DoD photo by Cpl. Jason Jimenez)

If you are part of a military family, taking time for yourself, both physically and mentally, is important.  Mindfulness meditation practices reduce stress, boost resilience and promote overall better health. If the thought of trying to fit something new into your daily routine seems overwhelming, these five tips may help:

  1. Start small: Start with five minutes and gradually increase the length of time as you feel more comfortable.
  2. Download an app: You don’t have to figure out how to meditate on your own. Many people find a guided mindfulness meditation practice helpful. The Mindfulness Coach mobile app is free and offers tips to take with you on the go.
  3. Create a routine: Ever heard the reference that humans are creatures of habit? Routines can help foster a regular habit. Add mindfulness to your daily routine, whether upon waking in the morning or in the privacy of your office during a break. Developing a schedule is especially beneficial for those with psychological health and traumatic brain injury concerns.
  4. Set a reminder: Set an alarm on your phone or an appointment in your calendar to remind you to practice. Mindfulness Coach also offers a reminder setting.
  5. Leave judgment at the door: There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. The most important thing is to show up with the intention of having a mindful practice. If thoughts arise, label them as thoughts and let them float by. Some days meditation will come easy, others it will seem difficult to sit still.

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This story is an update of information originally posted on the DCoE website August 12, 2015

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