Locating Health Care

Most communities offer military health, psychological health, family support and other services for warriors and their families. Whether you are a veteran, active-duty service member, member of the National Guard or Reserves, locating these services or even knowing which services to look for can be challenging.

The table below is designed to help you find available national, state and local resources for your psychological health and traumatic brain injury (TBI) care needs.

Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve

Active-duty service members can access psychological health and TBI resources through a primary care physician or base/installation medical facility through TRICARE. Citizen warriors who are not activated or mobilized should use their primary care physicians for referral to psychological health services through TRICARE. Additionally, there are federal, state and local resources available to address your psychological health care needs. Please contact the DCoE Outreach Center for a customized list of resources in your area to meet your specific needs.

Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) Outreach CenterCall:866-966-1020
Email: resources@dcoeoutreach.org
Live Chat: realwarriors.net/livechat
The DCoE Outreach Center provides in-depth information and resources related psychological health and TBI concerns. Health resource consultants are available 24/7 to respond to specific research requests by phone, email or live chat.
(inside the U.S.)

(outside the U.S.)
If you are a service member or veteran receiving mental health care and you expect to transition out of the service, to a new assignment, or to a new military treatment facility, the inTransition program is for you. InTransition will help you, and your family, with many aspects of your transition.
National Resource Directory This directory is maintained by the Defense Department, Department of Labor and Department of Veterans Affairs. The information in the directory is from federal, state and local government agencies; veteran service and benefit organizations; non-profit community-based and faith-based organizations; academic institutions, professional associations and philanthropic organizations.
TRICARE Provider Directory Web portal for locating a TRICARE provider anywhere in the world.
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