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Annual DOD Psychological Health, TBI Summit Features State of Science

Coming soon DCoE 2017 Summit banner with #DCoESummit17 and #StateoftheScience
Graphic by Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Heath & Traumatic Brain Injury

The 2017 Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) Summit themed, “Advances in the State of the Science and Best Practices,” begins Tuesday. The live, virtual summit will run until Thursday. Health care providers, researchers and service members are encouraged to join.

Registration for the summit will remain open through the event, but it’s a good idea to register as early as possible to secure a spot. View the summit agenda for the full list of presentations to help plan your days.

Presentation Topics

Every year summit presenters cover a wide range of topics related to psychological health and traumatic brain injury (TBI), this year’s presentations include:

For the psychological health track:

  • Best practices for health care providers treating transgender service members
  • Reviews of the data on sexual assault within the Defense Department, and symptoms co-occurring with this trauma
  • Treatment needs of service members facing issues with gambling disorders

For the TBI track:

  • Gender differences in service members with a TBI
  • The risks of substance use following a TBI
  • The effect of chronic pain and trauma that may result from a TBI

Presenters and panelists will feature these and many more topics over the course of the summit.

Visit the DCoE Blog page to read about sessions from previous summits and check out the DCoE Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates from the event.

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  • I am a triple impact head injury patient. Went through a mental health court for two years on some bogus charges where I was forced psych meds and injections, as I was diagnosed schizophrenia and never acknowledged my request for treatment for my head injury, in which I know there was one other patient going through the same. My diagnosis was later downgraded to drug induced psychosis. I am currently in school with good GPA and I'm fixing to turn my situation around for my true diagnosis of PTSD. Are you providing access to these summit sessions after the fact? I missed this morning's meetings, have a civil case going on next week and devoting time to that. I'd love to watch these as soon as I can though.

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