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Psychological Health Center Highlights How Commanders Can Help Service Member Wellness

Marine in combat year talking on radio.
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Andrew Huff

There are many factors that impact service members’ overall well-being. Like many things in life, it often takes a team approach when there are obstacles. Service members benefit when mental health providers and commanders communicate effectively. For example, commanders can help improve the environment for soldiers’ wellness.

The Deployment Health Clinical Center discusses how providers can build rapport with a patient’s command, adhere to command disclosure policies and make decisive recommendations.

Assessing and treating active-duty service members often requires interactions with commands. Per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), medical information may be disclosed to commands in a variety of circumstances necessary for safety, fitness for duty determinations and mission requirements. Read more about the military command exception of HIPAA.

Because of the nature of military duties, the substantial safety issues that can arise with even small decrements in functioning, and the hazardous locations in which military members serve, mental health providers will find that they must interact frequently with commands.

Read all 9 communication tips and browse for more useful posts on psychological health on the Deployment Health Clinical Center blog page.



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  • Hello:
    I have a B.A. as a Board Certified Psychologist. I am seeking an opportunity to work with a mental health team for active military personnel and with veterans. Any opening must be at a base or VA near Leesburg, Virginia.

    • Scott, we love that you're interested in working with our warriors. The best place to look for jobs with the Defense Department is at and visit for jobs with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Good luck!

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