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Veteran Recovers from TBI with Help from Adaptive Sports, Family

There are different treatment paths and activities that help someone recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI). In searching for what works, some veterans learn a new skill or find a new passion. A Head for the Future spotlights a veteran who uses adaptive sports and family support to help in recovery.

When Air Force veteran Tech. Sgt. Krys Bowman returned home from another deployment, his wife, Lacey, noticed changes. Addressing those changes resulted in a new way for Krys to give back and to get involved.

“Parts of him were still there … but his smiles were becoming more and more vacant,” Lacey said remembering his homecoming.  

Krys had experienced symptoms for years — eye twitches, headaches, photo sensitivity and sleep problems — but this time he finally decided to see a doctor. A neurologist diagnosed him with multiple counts of TBI from combat and military training. The diagnosis was a relief to Krys, who knew he had symptoms but didn’t speak up.

“I hid it for too long because I didn’t want to lose everything that I’d worked so hard to obtain,” he said.

Read the full article and learn about other inspiring A Head for the Future TBI Champions and how they have learned to prevent future TBI and recover.

(Note: excerpts from original articles may contain minor revisions.)

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