DCoE Speakers Bureau: What to Expect


Once you submit your request, the DCoE Speakers Bureau team will respond to your request promptly and work to identify your exact needs to ensure the most appropriate person speaks at your event. Our subject matter experts will provide greater context and create a new level of understanding for your audience.

You can expect support throughout the entire process of scheduling your speaker – from the time you submit your request, until the day of your event – our team will work closely with you to help coordinate the details throughout the entire process.

For questions or to learn more, contact the DCoE Speakers Bureau.

What Others Are Saying

“Really raised my awareness of the need for me to engage with my veteran patient population at a deeper level to assess their past war related trauma, where they are in the healing process, and what I can do as their provider to help facilitate that healing.”

“What a motivational speech! It really made me re-look and re-think how I approach my patients with military background and their families. I also work with a few physicians’ assistants that are in the military and it helped me to understand their personalities better, and how they express themselves. Thank you so much!”

— Quotes from 27th Annual American Association of Nurse Practitioners Conference members describing a keynote speech from DCoE director

“If it weren’t for [this] presentation my husband would not be interested in seeking help.”

“My wife and kids are deploying soon, these [resources] will be great for them and me as well. Thanks.”

“Everyone else is going out to dinner tonight, but I’m going to go upstairs and check out your sites and resources!”

“Thanks for bringing the family resources – we deploy too!”

“[As a single mom] I don’t have much, so I’m really glad that these [resources] are there to help me.”

— Quotes from past Yellow Ribbon Events
This page was last updated on: August 11, 2016.